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Before you plan...

Posted by Matthew Morris on 1 March 2016

Upper North Shore Business Connect NewsSetting up your Business Plan is a bit like driving a car, sure you need to watch where you are going and have a map or a plan, to get you where you want to go. However, from time to time you do need to check in your rear view mirror to see what has happened behind you!

So what happened in your business last year?

There was probably some good, some bad and everything in between.

Some questions that you could ask yourself include:

- What worked well in your professional life?
- What achievements and wins did you have?
- What did you learn?
- What was enjoyable fun, spontaneous and exciting?
- What did you learn when things didn't go the way you hoped?
- What worked well financially?
- What are you happy about in your personal life?
- What positives have you drawn out of your relationships?
- How did your health and fitness improve?
- What did you do more of that you enjoyed?
- What did you enjoy doing less of?

Upper North Shore Business Connect NewsSpending some time reflecting on these questions will help to identify gaps in your life maybe you are focussing too much on your work and not enough on social or personal activities?

Your answers will provide a great basis to start your Business Planning process, so take some time to do this reflection now.


Author: Matthew Morris
About: Matthew is the principal at Matthew Morris & Associates. He specialises in business and life coaching services. Matthew can be contacted on: M 0402515007 E matthewmorris104@gmail.com Visit Matthew Morris & Associates at: www.matthewmorris.com.au
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