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Has a business / company / partnership that you have had day to day control or management of been deregistered or wound up for insolvent trading?

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Payment can be transferred to BSB 062308, Account 1006 3832, Upper North Shore Business Connect.  You will be advised when payment is due.

Membership benefits are:

  • Locking out the business category by being the only member in your chosen field.
  • Meeting Fees - $50 per month (paid in the first two weeks of the month for the month, and payable regardless of attendance. A member can always send a substitute if they cannot attend in person.
  • The monthly cost covers catering for meetings and website maintenance and minor administration costs.
  • Business details can be added to the UNSBC Website and exposure to the marketing tools to promote the group and the individual businesses.
  • Opportunity to do a 10 to 15 Minute Presentation on a cyclical basis (depending on the member numbers) which could be twice a year.
  • An ability to be involved in the group decisions making processes and then share your views on the marketing and administration of the Group.


  • Business category remains open
  • May attend as often as chooses until business category is taken up
  • Not listed on the UNSBC website
  • Participates in general meeting including "61 sec" presentations
  • May receive or give Referrals
  • Non-member pays for catering on the day


  • Can visit 4 times to see if Group works for them before transitioning to Non-member category or taking up membership
  • Participates in general meeting including "61 sec" presentations
  • May receive or give Referrals
  • Visitor pays for catering on the day

Once an Application is received, the Membership Committee will make a determination on the Application and advise the Applicant. The Membership Fee can then be processed and details passed on for the Website inclusion.

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Website design & development, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Content Marketing, Blogs

Licensed electrician


Mortgage broker

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