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Many of our members have grown their businesses through forming alliances with other complimentary businesses.  Here's what our members have to say about being with Upper North Shore Business Connect.

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I have been meeting with a group of local business owners weekly since late 1997 and have built many long term relationships. The aim has always been to make connections with new clients that I might not otherwise meet, as well as to be able to confidently refer my clients to other service providers when needed. Naturally having confidence in my fellow members means I have trust in using the services of members for my own personal needs. For example, my mechanic has continued to service our families vehicles since 2002 and my solicitor has met all my legal needs since 1998. Networking with trusted business owners has generated very good quality clients that I may never have otherwise met.
, Owner/Manager | Mortgage Choice

I joined the Upper North Shore Business Connect (UNSBC) in May 2015 having just started my own gardening business. I have received countless referrals from all the group. I doubt that my business would be as successful as it is today had it not been for joining the UNSBC. However, it's not just the referrals that I get from the group that makes it so special to me. The knowledge I have received from other members of the group that have their only businesses has been incredible, I could never have got that information on my own. It was also been a great confidence builder too.
, Owner | Fab Gardens

Since joining Upper North Shore Business Connect, not only have I been able to connect with local businesses, I have also made strong connections that I am proud to refer to my broader network and have been privileged to gain business opportunities from the group.
, Owner/Manager | Bloomtools

Since becoming a member at (UNSBC) Upper North Shore Business Connect, we have the opportunity as business owners to meet on a weekly basis and liaise with other business executives, who represent various businesses within the upper north shore district.

This has expanded our relationship with business owners from various sectors within the local business community and in turn has developed into a long term business relationship.

Our business profile has been recommended by other members, which has resulted in actual business exchanges and connections with future clients.
The strong support within the group provides, comfort, guidance and logistical information, which gives our business the opportunity to expand and grow in a highly demanding and competitive world of business.
, Director | Capital One Projects

I joined Upper North Shore Business Connect in September 2013. Since that time it has proved to be

of significant value to me, in a number of ways.

I have been able to call on professional assistance from a variety of members and I have successfully

worked with a number of individuals from the group as clients of my Business Consulting and

Coaching practice.

The ability to access a range of business professionals has been of particular value to me. I have

been able to negotiate the sale of my mother's townhouse through a Real Estate Agent, deal with

the legalities of that transaction through a solicitor and tidy up my mother's will and estate through

another legal specialist.

I have also been able to call on a plumber, a General Insurance specialist and an Information

technology specialist, as I have required their various services.

Furthermore, I now have a professional network and a regular opportunity to showcase my business

to local business people on a weekly basis.

Membership of this group has been invaluable to the growth of my business.

, Business & Life Coach | Matthew Morris & Associates

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